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despect (uncountable)

  1. (archaic) Contempt, derision.
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despect (despects, present participle despecting; past and past participle despected)

  1. (archaic) To hold in contempt, to despise, to look down on, to scorn#Verb|scorn.
    • c. 1633, Ben Jonson, A Tale of a Tub. A Comedy Composed by Ben: Iohnson. [...] London, Printed M.DC.XL [1640], in The Workes of Benjamin Jonson. The Second Volume. Containing these Playes, viz. 1 Bartholomew Fayre. 2 The Staple of Newes. 3 The Divell is an Asse, volume II, London: Printed for Richard Meighen, published 1640, OCLC 221338962 ↗, pages 72 and 79:
      [Act II, scene ii, page 72 ↗] Nay, but with patience, Sir, we that are Officers / Muſt 'quire the ſpeciall markes, and all the tokens / Of the deſpected parties, or perhaps – elſe, / Be nere the nere of our purpoſe in 'prehending 'hem.
      [Act III, scene i, page 79 ↗] Faith Goſſip Turfe, you have, you ſay, Remiſſion / To comprehend all ſuch, as are diſpected: / Now, would I make another privie ſearch / Through this Towne, and then you have zearch'd two towns.

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