destinate (destinates, present participle destinating; past and past participle destinated)

  1. To destine, to choose.
  2. (possibly nonstandard) To set a destination for (something), to send (something) to a particular destination.
    • 1997 September 11, "Tom Watson", Hoe does FX work?, in, Usenet:
      Now days, it can probably be done with a programming setup in the originating/destinating switches, and not involve a full time channel.
  3. (possibly nonstandard) To be scheduled to arrive at, as a destination.
    • 2009, Statistical Abstract of the United States
      Prices for a mail piece weighing up to a half-pound range from $12.60 if it destinates in zones 1 and 2 to $19.50 if it destinates in zone 8.
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  1. determined
  2. (obsolete) destined
    • They hold, moreover, to be no purgatory, nor that the suffrages of the church do avail the dead, either to lessen the pain of them that be destinate to hell, or to increase the glory of them that be ordained to salvation.
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