• (British) IPA: /ˌdaɪ.ə.ˈmɛt.ɹɪk.li/


  1. Separated by a diameter, on exactly the opposite side.
  2. (especially in the phrase diametrically opposed) Absolutely (in opposition).
    • 2013 September 28, Kenan Malik, "London Is Special, but Not That Special ↗," New York Times (retrieved 28 September 2013):
      The distinctness of London has led many to clamor for the capital to pursue its own policies, especially on immigration. The British prime minister, David Cameron, is a Conservative. So is the mayor of London, Boris Johnson. But they have diametrically opposed views on immigration.
  • French: diamétralement
  • German: diametral, diametrisch
  • Portuguese: diametralmente
  • Russian: диаметра́льно
  • Spanish: diametralmente

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