• IPA: /ˈdɪd͡ʒɪtəɫ/

digital (not comparable)

  1. Having to do with digits (fingers or toes); performed with a finger.
  2. Property of representing values as discrete, usually binary, numbers rather than a continuous spectrum.
    digital computer;  digital clock
  3. Of or relating to computers or the Information Age.
    Digital payment systems are replacing cash transactions.
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  1. (finance) A digital option.
  2. (uncountable) Digital equipment or technology.
    He moved to digital for the first time, using a Sony camera.
  3. (informal, uncountable) Short for digital art#English|digital art.
    Coordinate term: traditional#English|traditional
  4. (music) Any of the keys of a piano or similar instrument.
    • c.1920?, Annie Jessy Gregg Curwen, The Teacher's Guide to Mrs. Curwen's Pianoforte Method (The Child Pianist)
      Beginning with the keyboard, direct attention to the grouping of the black digitals, and show that though at the outer edge of the keyboard the white digitals look as if they were all equally close neighbours, yet, […]
  5. (colloquial, humorous) A finger.
    • 1853, Yankee Notions (volume 2, page 137)
      […] turning round as he reached the door, he placed his digitals in close proximity to his proboscis, saying—“I guess there an't anything green about this child!' and left the Professor in utter astonishment […]
    • 1855, North Carolina University Magazine (volume 3, page 23)
      […] with grave complacency wiggles his digitals, and turns away with a scornful smile playing upon his countenance.

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