• enPR: dī-lĕmʹə or dĭ-lĕmʹə, IPA: /daɪˈlɛmə/, /dɪˈlɛmə/

dilemma (plural dilemmas)

  1. A circumstance in which a choice must be made between two or more alternatives that seem equally undesirable.
    Synonyms: Thesaurus:dilemma
    • 1731, Jonathan Swift, "An Epistle to Mr. Gay"
      A strong dilemma in a desperate case! / To act with infamy, or quit the place.
  2. A difficult circumstance or problem.
    Synonyms: bind, fix, pickle, problem, quandary
  3. (logic) A type of syllogism of the form "if A is true then B is true; if C is true then D is true; either A or C is true; therefore either B or D is true".
  4. (rhetoric) Offering to an opponent a choice between two (equally unfavorable) alternatives.
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