• enPR: dī'nər IPA: /ˈdaɪnə(ɹ)/

diner (plural diners)

  1. One who dines.
    • When it comes to Chinese food I have always operated under the policy that the less known about the preparation the better. A wise diner who is invited to visit the kitchen replies by saying, as politely as possible, that he has a pressing engagement elsewhere.
  2. A dining car in a railroad train.
    Synonyms: dining car
    • The diner is everybody's kitchen.
  3. A typically small restaurant, usually modeled after a railroad dining car, that serves lower-class fare, normally having a counter with stools along one side and booths on the other, and often decorated in 50s and 60s pop culture themes and playing popular music from those decades.
    Synonyms: pub
  • French: café-restaurant, wagon-restaurant
  • German: Speisewagen
  • Italian: vagone ristorante, ristoro
  • Portuguese: diner, vagão-restaurante
  • Russian: ваго́н-рестора́н

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