• (British) IPA: [dɪsˈeɪbəɫd]


  1. Made incapable of use or action.
    • 1911, "From Brittania Lodge, No. 361", Railway Carmen's Journal, Vol. 16, No. 3, March 1911, page 129 ↗:
      In the car department we would repair cars that were disabled and placed in bad order by a bunch of scalies taking the place of striking switchmen, engineers, Firemen, etc.
  2. Having a disability.
  3. (legal) Legally disqualified.
Synonyms Antonyms Translations
  • Italian: disabilitato
  • Portuguese: incapacitado
  • Russian: отклю́ченный
Translations Translations
  • Italian: per i disabili
  • Russian: инвали́дный
  • Spanish: para discapacitados

disabled (uncountable)

  1. One who is disabled. qual often used collectively as the disabled, but sometimes also singular
  • Italian: disabile
  • Russian: инвали́д
  • Spanish: minusválido, discapacitado
Translations Verb
  1. Simple past tense and past participle of disable

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