• IPA: /ˌdɪsɪˈpeɪʃən/


  1. The act of dissipating or dispersing; a state of dispersion or separation; dispersion; waste.
    • 1626, Francis Bacon, Sylva Sylvarum, Or, A Naturall Historie: In Ten Centuries
      without loss or dissipation of the matter
    • the famous dissipation of mankind
  2. A dissolute course of life, in which health, money, etc., are squandered in pursuit of pleasure; profuseness in immoral indulgence, as late hours, riotous living, etc.; dissoluteness.
    • 18th century', Patrick Henry in a parliamentary debate
      to reclaim the spendthrift from his dissipation and extravagance
  3. A trifle which wastes time or distracts attention.
    • May 28 1733, letter from Alexander Pope to Jonathan Swift
      Prevented from finishing them [the letters] a thousand avocations and dissipations.
  4. (physics) A loss of energy, usually as heat, from a dynamic system
  • German: Zerstreuung, Zersplitterung, Zerteilung, Auflösung, Dissipation
  • Russian: расходование
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