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  • enPR: dĭs′trĭkt, IPA: /ˈdɪstɹɪkt/

district (plural districts)

  1. An administrative division of an area.
    the Soho district of London
  2. An area or region marked by some distinguishing feature.
    the Lake District in Cumbria
  3. (UK) An administrative division of a county without the status of a borough.
    South Oxfordshire District Council
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district (districts, present participle districting; past and past participle districted)

  1. (transitive) To divide into administrative or other districts.


  1. (obsolete) rigorous; stringent; harsh
    • punishing with the rod of district severity

Proper noun
  1. (with determiner, informal) The District of Columbia, the federal district of the United States.
  2. (with determiner, mostly local usage) Any of numerous governmental districts.
  3. (rail) The District Line of the London Underground, originally known as the District Railway.

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