• IPA: /ˈdaɪ̯vəɹ/

diver (plural divers)

  1. Someone who dives, especially as a sport.
    Synonyms: urinator
  2. Someone who works underwater; a frogman.
  3. (UK, Ireland) The loon (bird).
  4. The New Zealand sand diver.
  5. The long-finned sand diver.
  6. (UK, London, dated) A passenger carrying vehicle using an underground route; specially, a diver tram, one using the former Kingsway tramway subway (1906-1952).
  7. (slang, obsolete) A pickpocket.
  8. (sports) A competitor in certain sports who is known to regularly imitate being fouled, with the purpose of getting his/her opponent penalised.
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  • Russian: водола́з

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