do away with
  1. (transitive, idiomatic, informal) To abolish; to put an end to; to eliminate.
    • 1887, Mabel Collins, The Illuminated Way: A Guide to Newophytes, 1903 ed., Yogi publications, New Jersey, p. 35:
      For no nearness in space, no closeness of relations, no daily intimacy, can do away with the inexorable laws which give the adept his seclusion.
    • 2008, "Editorial: British schools' move towards scrapping homework is a progressive idea ↗," Times of India, 30 Sep.:
      In most countries, homework has come to be an integral part of the schooling system. So much so that parents are suspicious when schools do away with homework.
  2. (transitive, idiomatic, informal, euphemistic) To have someone killed.
  • French: en finir (avec)
  • Russian: поко́нчить
  • Spanish: desechar, deshacerse de
  • Russian: прико́нчить

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