• IPA: /ˌduːʃˈbæɡəɹi/, /ˈduːʃˌbæɡəɹi/


  1. (slang) Contemptible or obnoxious behaviour. [from 20th c.]
    • 2000 July 10, Sheldon via, “Re: Choices at Penzeys”,, Usenet
      Watkins obviously promotes low life douche baggery.
      Mr Al doesn't quite suit you... seems to elicit that used car dealer odor.
    • 2002 April 10, Isaiah Camacho, “Re: Kick 'er out of the house!^”,, Usenet
      The only way for you to do that is to support your position. Agressive[sic] douchebaggery and asserting that your position is unquestionable won't work on me.
    • 2004 April 21, James Andrews, “record geeks”,, Usenet
      I don't know why i don't just turn the page whenever i see the name jonathan valania in the byline. I just don't, OK? I read it, I get annoyed at the incessant douchebaggery, and I come over here to piss all y'all off
    • 2004 September 23, Joseph Michael Bay, “Re: Protesters Get Creamed at Dem Rallies, Too!!”,, Usenet
      Unless the daughter was in on it, it's remarkable douchebaggery.
    • 2005 March 1, John Shaughnessy, “Re: Going gig rates?”, alt.guitar.bass, Usenet
      So basically what this asshole wants is a minstrel show for a lily white audience.... I've seen a lot of douchebaggery in this biz, but that one takes the cake.
    • 2005 April 6, Adrian Cocot, “Re: UCL 2004-2005 Quarter-Finals Day Two”,, Usenet
      Actually, with a better centre back who won't be pushed around by Drogba's douchebaggery in the box, Bayern would have a better chance.

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