• (RP, noun) IPA: /ˈdaʊnˌləʊd/
  • (RP, verb) IPA: /ˌdaʊnˈləʊd/
  • (America) IPA: /ˈdaʊnˌloʊd/

download (plural downloads)

  1. A file transfer to the local computer.
    The download took longer than I expected.
  2. A file that has been, or will be transferred in this way.
    I got the download but it wouldn't work on my computer.
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download (downloads, present participle downloading; past and past participle downloaded)

  1. (transitive, computing) To transfer data from a remote computer (server) to a local computer, usually via a network.
    Synonyms: copy, move, transfer
    Antonyms: upload
    You can download a trial version of the program for thirty days to determine whether you want to purchase the full version.
  2. (transitive, nonstandard) To upload; to copy a file from a local computer to a remote computer via a network.
  3. (transitive, nonstandard) To transfer a file to or from removable media.
    I needed to download photos to a CD-ROM
  4. (transitive, nonstandard) To install software.
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