downstream (not comparable)

  1. Lower down, in relation to a river, stream or flow of fluid
    She lives downstream from the dam.
  2. (computing) In the direction from the server to the client.
  3. (biology) Towards the 3' end of a DNA molecule.
  4. (metaphoric) Influenced by something; being a consequence of something.
Antonyms Translations
  • French: aval, descendant
  • German: stromabwärts
  • Italian: a valle
  • Portuguese: jusante
Translations Adverb

downstream (not comparable)

  1. Following the path of a river or stream
    We spent the day paddling downstream in our canoes.
Antonyms Translations Verb

downstream (downstreams, present participle downstreaming; past and past participle downstreamed)

  1. To stream downward.

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