1. Obsolete form of eager#English|eager.
    • 1614, Walter Raleigh, The History of the World, Book III., Chapter VII., page #66 ↗:
      Howſoeuer it were, the Lacedæmonians being no leſſe wearied of the warre, than the Athenians were eagre to purſue it, the one obtained their eaſe, and the other the execution and honor which they deſired : for all the Greekes (thoſe of Peloponmeſus excepted) willingly ſubiected themſelues to the commandment of the Athenians which was both beginning of their greatneſſe in that preſent age, and of their ruine in the next ſucceeding.
  • IPA: /ˈeɪɡə(ɹ)/, /ˈiːɡə(ɹ)/

eagre (plural eagres)

  1. a tidal bore

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