earthworm (plural earthworms)

  1. A worm that lives in the ground.
  2. A worm of the family Lumbricidae, or, more generally, of the suborder Lumbricina.
  3. (figurative) A contemptible person; a groveller.
Synonyms Translations
  • French: ver de terre, lombric (formal), lèche (Louisiana)
  • German: (usual) Regenwurm; (other names) Aalwurm, Erdwurm, Tauwurm; (biology) Gemeiner Regenwurm
  • Italian: lombrico
  • Portuguese: minhoca
  • Russian: дождево́й че́рвь
  • Spanish: lombriz de tierra, gusano de tierra
  • German: Kriecher
  • Russian: червя́к

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