• IPA: /ɛkˈstætɪk/


  1. Feeling or characterized by ecstasy.
  2. Extremely happy.
    • 1960, P[elham] G[renville] Wodehouse, chapter XIX, in Jeeves in the Offing, London: Herbert Jenkins, OCLC 1227855 ↗:
      Bobbie was dancing round the room on the tips of her toes uttering animal cries, apparently ecstatic in their nature.
  3. Relating to, or caused by, ecstasy or excessive emotion.
    ecstatic gaze; ecstatic trance
    • this ecstatic fit of love and jealousy
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  • German: ekstatisch
  • Russian: восто́рженный

ecstatic (plural ecstatics)

  1. (in the plural) Transports of delight; words or actions performed in a state of ecstasy.
    • 1819, Lord Byron, Don Juan, III.11:
      I think that Dante's more abstruse ecstatics / Meant to personify the Mathematics.
  2. A person in a state of ecstasy.

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