• (Canada, British) enPR: ā, IPA: /eɪ/
  • (British, America) IPA: /ɛ/
  • (Scotland) IPA: /e/
  1. (informal, UK, Australia, Canada, US) Used as a tag question, to emphasise what goes before or to request that the listener express an opinion about what has been said.
    These hot dogs are pretty good, eh?
  2. In isolation, a request for repetition or clarification of what has just been said. Compare what, pardon.
  3. (Canada) An interjection used to ascertain the continued attention of an individual addressed by the speaker
    I went to the restaurant, eh, but my friends didn't show up.
  4. Expressing apathy or lack of enthusiasm; meh.
    —Do you feel like going out tonight?
    Eh, I don't know.
Translations Translations Translations Verb

eh (ehs, present participle ehing; past and past participle ehed)

  1. To use the interjection eh


  1. (informal, predicative only) Of mediocre quality; unremarkable.
    My French fries were eh.

Proper noun
  1. (travel, aviation) Initialism of Eastern Hemisphere (travel within or between IATA areas 2 and 3).
  1. Initialism of emotionally#English|emotionally handicapped#English|handicapped.

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