• IPA: /ɪˈlɪps/, /iˈlɪps/

ellipse (plural ellipses)

  1. (geometry) A closed curve, the locus of a point such that the sum of the distances from that point to two other fixed points (called the foci of the ellipse) is constant; equivalently, the conic section that is the intersection of a cone with a plane that does not intersect the base of the cone.
  • oval (in non-technical use)
Translations Verb

ellipse (ellipses, present participle ellipsing; past and past participle ellipsed)

  1. (grammar) To remove from a phrase a word which is grammatically needed, but which is clearly understood without having to be stated.
    In B's response to A's question:- (A: Would you like to go out?, B: I'd love to), the words that are ellipsed are go out.
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