• IPA: /ɪˈlɪpsɪs/


  1. (typography) A mark consisting of three periods, historically with spaces in between, before, and after them “ . . . ”, nowadays a single character “…” Ellipses are used to indicate that words have been omitted in a text or that they are missing or illegible.
    Synonyms: dot dot dot
    • 2006, Danielle Corsetto, ''Girls with Slingshots: 114 ↗
      CARD: Hey Baby. Thanks for the … last night. Love you!
      HAZEL: Wow. I’ve never despised an ellipsis so much in my life.
  2. (grammar, rhetoric) The omission of a word or phrase that can be inferred from the context.
  3. (film) The omission of scenes in a film that do not advance the plot.
    • 2002, David Blanke, ''The 1910s: 219 ↗
      It was now possible for writers and directors to cut scenes that did not further the plot; called "ellipses" by filmmakers.
  4. (obsolete, geometry) An ellipse.
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