• IPA: /ɪˈmænsɪpeɪt/

emancipate (emancipates, present participle emancipating; past and past participle emancipated)

  1. To set free from the power of another; to liberate; as:
    1. To set free, as a minor from a parent
      a father may emancipate a child
    2. To set free from bondage; to give freedom to; to manumit
      to emancipate a slave
      emancipate a country
  2. To free from any controlling influence, especially from anything which exerts undue or evil influence
    emancipate someone from prejudices or error
    • 1980, Bob Marley, Redemption Song
      Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds.
    • From how many troublesome and slavish impertinences […] he had emancipated and freed himself.
    • to emancipate the human conscience
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  1. Freed; set at liberty.

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