• (RP) IPA: /ˈɛm.bəː/
  • (America) IPA: /ˈɛm.bɚ/

ember (plural embers)

  1. A glowing piece of coal or wood.
  2. Smoldering ash.
Translations Adjective

ember (not comparable)

  1. Making a circuit of the year or the seasons; recurring in each quarter of the year, as certain religious days set apart for fasting and prayer.
    ember fasts
    ember days
    ember weeks

Proper noun
  1. (rare) A unisex given name.
    • 1993, Journal of Asian Pacific Communication:
      This conversation took place at an advertising agency between an American copywriter named Ember (E), and one of his Japanese co-workers named Nakada (N).
    • 2014, Samuel Schuman, Nabokov's Shakespeare, Bloomsbury Publishing USA (ISBN 9781628923773), page 48:
      In this section, a straightforward and attractive character named Ember, an academic colleague of Krug, is trying to distract his friend from brooding upon the death of his wife.
    • 2016, Tom Watson, Ember of a New World (ISBN 9781365171215), page 258:
      Brigdha had hoped that she would have a chance to speak with this red headed woman, named Ember, who now approached. She seemed to also be from somewhere else. Maybe you will help me, Ember? she wondered.
    • 2016, Cressa Rose, Book 3: Night Ashes (a Night City Novel) (ISBN 9781365214547):
      A serene smile curved her mouth, and soft strands of her dark hair swayed around her, softening the sharp edges that had once been on her face. “She's named Ember because that's what she is,” Ashrynn said, “she's a single burning ember ...”

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