1. (rare, of a person or group or of their behavior or faculties) Particularly expressive of or affected by emotion.
    • 1887, Emily Lawless, Hurrish: A Study, p. 24 ↗:
      His was the genuine Celtic temperament—poetic, excitable, emotionable, unreasoning.
    • 1929, Robert Seymour Bridges, The Testament of Beauty, p. 529 ↗:
      Delicat and subtle are the dealings of nature
      whereby the emotionable sense secretly is touch'd
      to awareness
    • 2007, Ulrich Libbrecht, Within the Four Seas: Introduction to Comparative Philosophy, ISBN 9789042918122, p. 578 ↗:
      Consequently man was an emotionable being and this emotion was the basis for morality.

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