• IPA: /ɛˈfɛ.mə.ɹəl/, /əˈfɛ.mə.ɹəl/

ephemeral (plural ephemerals)

  1. Something which lasts for a short period of time.
    Synonyms: ephemeron


  1. Lasting for a short period of time.
    Synonyms: temporary, transitory, fleeting, evanescent, momentary, short-lived, short, volatile, Thesaurus:ephemeral
    Antonyms: permanent, eternal, everlasting, timeless
    • Esteem, lasting esteem, the esteem of good men, like himself, will be his reward, when the gale of ephemeral popularity shall have gradually subsided.
    • sentences not of ephemeral, but of eternal, efficacy
  2. (biology) Existing for only one day, as with some flowers, insects, and diseases.
  3. (geology, of a body of water) Usually dry, but filling with water for brief periods during and after precipitation.
    • 1986, W.H. Raymond, "Clinoptilolite Deposit in the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, South Dakota, U.S.A.", in Yūichi Murakami et al. (editors), New Developments in Zeolite Science and Technology (conference proceedings), Elsevier, ISBN 978-0-444-98981-9, page 80 ↗:
      The graben constitutes a depositional basin and a topographic low, underlain by Cretaceous shales, in which volcanic debris accumulated in ephemeral lakes and streams in Oligocene and early Miocene time.
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