1650s, from French épistolaire, from Latin *epistolarium, from epistola ("letter") (English epistle) + -arium, from Old Greek ἐπιστολή from ἐπιστέλλω ("I send a message") from ἐπί ("upon") + στέλλω ("I prepare, send"). Pronunciation
  • (RP) IPA: /ɪˈpɪst(ə)ˌləɹi/


  1. Of or relating to letters, or the writing of letters.
  2. Carried on by written correspondence.
    an epistolary relationship
  3. In the manner of written correspondence.
    epistolary style
    an epistolary novel
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epistolary (plural epistolaries)

  1. (Christianity) A Christian liturgical book containing set readings for church services from the New Testament Epistles.

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