• (British) IPA: [ˈɛpɪtɑːf]
  • (America) IPA: [ˈɛpɪtæf]

epitaph (plural epitaphs)

  1. An inscription on a gravestone in memory of the deceased.
  2. A poem or other short text written in memory of a deceased person.
Translations Translations
  • German: (in prose) Nachruf, Gedenkschrift; (in verse) Elegie, Gedenkgedicht, Trauergedicht
  • Italian: epitaffio, discorso funebre
  • Russian: эпита́фия

epitaph (epitaphs, present participle epitaphing; past and past participle epitaphed)

  1. (intransitive) To write or speak after the manner of an epitaph.
    • The common in their speeches epitaph upon him […] "He lived as a wolf and died as a dog."
  2. (transitive) To commemorate by an epitaph.
    • Let me be epitaphed the inventor of English hexameters.

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