• IPA: /ˌɛksoˈtɛɹɪk/


  1. Suitable to be imparted to the public without secrecy or other reserves
    • The foppery of an exoteric and esoteric doctrine.
  2. (by extension) Accessible; capable of being readily or fully comprehended; or, having an obvious application
    • 1977, Gaynor Jones and Jay Rahn, "Definitions of Popular Music: Recycled," Journal of Aesthetic Education, vol. 11, no. 4. (October), page 81:
      The grouping together of folk and elite might be termed relatively "esoteric", in contrast to the more "exoteric" popular forms.
  3. (rare) Public or popular; having wide currency
  4. (obsolete) External
Antonyms Translations
  • Russian: экзотери́ческий
  • Russian: поня́тный

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