• IPA: /ɪksˈtɛnt/

extent (plural extents)

  1. A range of values or locations.
  2. The space, area, volume, etc., to which something extends.
    The extent of his knowledge of the language is a few scattered words.
    • 1590, Edmund Spenser, The Faerie Queene, I.xii:
      But when they came where that dead Dragon lay, / Stretcht on the ground in monstrous large extent
    • 1827, Conrad Malte-Brun, Universal Geography, or A Description of All the Parts of the World, on a New Plan, Edinburgh: Adam Black, volume 6, book 101, gbooks LkYNAQAAIAAJ:
      The surface of the Balaton and the surrounding marshes is not less than 24 German square miles, or 384 English square miles; its principal feeder is the Szala, but all the water it receives appears inconsiderable relatively to its superficial extent, and the quantity lost in evaporation.
  3. (computing) A contiguous area of storage in a file system.
  4. The valuation of property.
  5. (legal) A writ directing the sheriff to seize the property of a debtor, for the recovery of debts of record due to the Crown.
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  1. (obsolete) Extended.

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