fan fiction
  • IPA: /fæn fɪkʃən/

fan fiction

  1. (uncountable) Amateur fiction created by fans, incorporating the characters and concepts of a commercial media property, typically without permission from the author or owner.
  2. (countable) A work of fan fiction.
    • This can be, as you note below, quite fun and entertaining, but I do think that it is very easy for people to lose track of the fact that all of these "speculations" are just fan fictions that have little to do with what Tolkien actually wrote.
  3. (dated, fandom slang, uncountable) Fiction about fans and fandom created by members of fandom.
Synonyms Translations
  • French: fanfiction
  • German: Fan-Fiction
  • Italian: fan fiction
  • Portuguese: fanfic
  • Russian: фанфи́к
  • Spanish: fanficción, fánfic

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