1922, from Italian fascismo (from fascio ("bundle, fasces"), from Latin fasces ultimately with reference to the fasces or bundles of axes and rods carried before the magistrates of ancient Rome in token of their power of life and death). Pronunciation
  • enPR: făsh'ĭz(ə)m, IPA: /ˈfæʃɪz(ə)m/

fascism (uncountable)

  1. Any right-wing, authoritarian, nationalist ideology characterized by centralized, totalitarian governance, strong regimentation of the economy and of society, and repression of criticism or opposition.
  2. (by extension) Any system of strong autocracy or oligarchy usually to the extent of bending and breaking the law, race-baiting, and/or violence against largely unarmed populations.
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  • Italian: fascismo
  • Russian: фаши́зм


fascism (uncountable)

  1. Alternative letter-case form of fascism

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