• (America) IPA: /feɪˈtælɪti/, [feɪ̯ˈtʰælɪɾi]
  • (RP) IPA: /fəˈtælətɪ/, /fəˈtælɪtɪ/

fatality (plural fatalities)

  1. The state proceeding from destiny; invincible necessity, superior to, and independent of, free and rational control.
  2. Tendency to death, destruction or danger, as if by decree of fate.
  3. That which is decreed by fate or which is fatal; a fatal event.
    • What can I say, or think of this most terrible of fatalities?
  4. Death.
  5. An accident that causes death.
  6. A person killed.
  7. (video games) A move where one character kills another.

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