ferd (plural ferds)

  1. (Scotland, Northern England) Impetus, speed.
  2. (obsolete, Scotland, Northern England) A journey.
    He's on a ferd. Whatǃ? He's ferdedǃ.
  3. (obsolete or historical) An army, a host.
  4. (obsolete or historical) A military expedition.
    • c. 1050, The Paris Psalter
      Þeah þu mid us ne fare on fyrd...
      (Though thou with us not fare on a ferd...)
  5. (obsolete or historical) A company, band, or group.
    • c. 1400, The Gest Hystoriale of the Destruction of Troy
      And foure scoure fyne shippes to the flete broght... with fyfty, in a furthe, all of fuerse vesell.
      (And four score fine ships to the fleet brought... with fifty in a ferd, all of fierce vessel.)
    • 1986, Jack Arthur Walter Bennett, Douglas Gray, Middle English literature - Volume 1 - Page 89:
      For him a lord (British or Roman) is essentially a leader of a 'ferd' (OE fyrd); […]
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ferd (uncountable)

  1. (obsolete) Fear.

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