fettle (plural fettles)

  1. A state of proper physical condition; kilter or trim.
  2. One's mental state; spirits.
  3. Sand used to line a furnace.
  4. (Geordie, Cumbria) A person's mood or state, often assuming the worst.
    What's yer fettle marra?
  5. (ceramics) a seam line left by the meeting of mold pieces.
  6. (UK, dialect) The act of fettling.
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  • German: Formsand
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fettle (fettles, present participle fettling; past fettled, past participle fettled)

  1. (Northern England) To sort out, to fix, to mend, to repair.
    • 1858 Thomas Carlyle, History of Friedrich II of Prussia
      He is getting his saddle altered: fettling about this and that; does not consider what danger he is in.
    • 1938, Xavier Herbert, Capricornia, Chapter VI, p. 83,
      For some time after the train had gone Oscar stood on the track conversing with members of the fettling gang […]
  2. (intransitive) To make preparations; to put things in order; to do trifling business.
  3. (transitive) To line the hearth of a furnace with sand prior to pouring molten metal.
  4. (reflexive, Geordie) To be upset or in a bad mood.
    Divint fettle yersel ower that!
  5. In ceramics, to remove (as by sanding) the seam lines left by the meeting of two molds.
  6. (transitive, archaic) To prepare.
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