• (British) IPA: /ˈfaɪbəɡlɑːs/

fibreglass (uncountable) (British spelling)

  1. Silica based glass extruded into fibers that possess a length at least 1000 times greater than their width.
  2. Ellipsis of fibreglass wool
  3. A composite material made from fine fibres of spun glass held together with resin.
  • glass fibre / glass fiber
  • fibreglass wool / fiberglass wool
  • glass wool
  • glass-reinforced plastic
  • fibreglass-reinforced plastic / fiberglass-reinforced plastic
Related terms
  • glass fibre / glass fiber a strand
Translations Translations
  • French: plastique à renfort de verre
  • German: Glasfaserverstärkter Kunststoff, GFK, Fiberglas
  • Russian: стеклопла́стик
  • Spanish: plástico reforzado con fibra de vidrio, plástico reforzado con vidrio, plástico reforzado con vidrio

fibreglass (fibreglasses, present participle fibreglassing; past and past participle fibreglassed)

  1. To apply fibreglass to.
    to fibreglass the hull of a fishing-boat

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