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filth (uncountable)

  1. Dirt; foul matter; that which soils or defiles.
    Before we start cooking we need to clean up the filth in this kitchen.
  2. Smut; that which sullies or defiles the moral character; corruption; pollution.
    He spends all his time watching filth on pornographic websites.
    • to purify the soul from the dross and filth of sensual delights
  3. (British, pejorative, slang, with definite article) The police.
    We were in the middle of stashing the money when the filth arrived.
  4. (derogatory, uncountable) A vile or disgusting person.
  5. (US, agriculture, dated) Weeds growing on pasture land.
    Grampa remembers when he had to cut filth with a scythe.

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