• (America) IPA: /ˈfɪŋɡɚˌpɹɪnt/

fingerprint (plural fingerprints)

  1. The unique natural pattern of ridges on the tips of the fingers.
  2. The patterns left on surfaces where uncovered fingertips have touched.
    • 1974, Patricia Highsmith, Ripley's Game, chapter 7
      Nervously, he wiped the gun of fingerprints real and imaginary with the stocking-covered fingers.
  3. (computing) Unique identification for public key in asymmetric cryptosystem.
  4. A unique combination of features that serves as an identification of something.
  5. A trace that gives evidence of someone's involvement.
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fingerprint (fingerprints, present participle fingerprinting; past and past participle fingerprinted)

  1. (transitive) To take somebody's fingerprints.
    ''The jail staff fingerprints its inmates routinely
  2. (transitive) To identify something uniquely by a combination of measurements.
  • Portuguese: tirar as digitais
  • Russian: дактилоскопи́ровать

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