• (RP) IPA: /ˈfɪʃə/
  • (America) IPA: /ˈfɪʃɚ/

fisher (plural fishers)

  1. A person who catches fish, especially for a living or for sport.
  2. A person attempting to catch fish.
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fisher (plural fishers)

  1. A North American marten, Martes pennanti, that has thick brown fur.
    • 2003, Cynthia J. Zabel, Robert G. Anthony, Mammal Community Dynamics, page 207 ↗,
      The term "forest carnivores" denotes a smaller group of four species - the marten, fisher, lynx, and wolverine - and is only marginally descriptive, inasmuch as it excludes many carnivores that live in forests, and includes the wolverine, which can thrive in the complete absence of trees.
  2. The fur of Martes pennanti.
Synonyms Translations
  • French: pékan
  • German: Fischermarder
  • Russian: пека́н

  • (America) IPA: /ˈfɪʃɚ/
Proper noun
  1. Surname for a fisherman.
  2. A location:
    1. A suburb in Canberra, Australia.
    2. A suburb in City of Mount Isa, Queensland.
    3. A locality in South Australia.
    4. A rural municipality in Manitoba, Canada.
    5. A tiny city in Poinsett County, Arkansas.
    6. A locality in Humboldt County, California.
    7. A village in Champaign County, Illinois.
    8. A village in Sabine Parish, Louisiana.
    9. A town in Polk County, Minnesota.
    10. A ghost town in Carroll County, Missouri.
    11. An unincorporated community in Lincoln County, Oregon.
    12. An unincorporated community in Clarion County, Pennsylvania.
    13. An unincorporated community in Hardy County, West Virginia.
  3. A sea area centered on the Fisher Bank off the west coast of Denmark.
  • French: Pecheur

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