• IPA: /fɪtɪŋ/
  1. present participle of fit#English|fit
  2. (informal, US, with infinitive) Getting ready; preparing.
    I'm fitting to go home and sleep.
Synonyms Adjective


  1. Ready, appropriate, suitable, or in keeping
Translations Noun


  1. A small part, especially a standardized or detachable part of a device or machine.
  2. (engineering) A tube connector; a standardized connecting part of a piping system to attach sections of pipe together, such as a coupling
  3. The act of trying on clothes to inspect or adjust the fit.
  4. (manufacturing) The process of fitting up; especially of applying craft methods such as skilled filing to the making and assembling of machines or other products.
  5. (chiefly British, often plural) A removable item in a house or other building, which can be taken with one when one moves out, such as a moveable piece of furniture, a carpet, picture, etc.; US furnishing; compare fixture.
    the fittings of a church or study
  6. (uncountable) The action or condition of having fits in the sense of seizures or convulsions.
    Since her medication was changed, her fitting has got worse.
Translations Translations
  • German: Verbindungsstück, Anschlußstück, Muffe, Fitting, Anschlussstück, Verbinder, Formstück, Rohrleitungsverbinder, Rohrleitungsverbindung, Verbindung
Translations Translations Translations
  • German: Einrichtung, Einrichtungsgegenstand, Möbiliar, Möbel
  • Russian: ме́бель

Proper noun
  1. Surname

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