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  1. A natural or innate talent or aptitude.
    Synonyms: gift, knack, talent
    to have a flair for art
    • 1999, Lucy Honig, The Truly Needy And Other Stories, University of Pittsburgh Press (ISBN 9780822978794), page 73:
      The cafard. The cockroach. The French certainly had a flair for labeling their unhappiness. Long ago he had begun to visualize this nagging misery as the insect the word also named.
  2. Distinctive style or elegance.
    Synonyms: elan, elegance, grace, panache, style
    to dress with flair
  3. (obsolete) Smell; odor.
  4. (obsolete) Olfaction; sense of smell.
Translations Translations Verb

flair (flairs, present participle flairing; past and past participle flaired)

  1. (transitive) To add flair.

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