• (British) IPA: /flɒɡ/
  • (America) IPA: /flɑɡ/

flog (flogs, present participle flogging; past and past participle flogged)

  1. (transitive) To whip or scourge someone or something as punishment.
  2. (transitive) To use something to extreme; to abuse.
  3. (transitive, UK) To sell something.
  4. (transitive, Australia, New Zealand) To steal something.
  5. (transitive, Australia, New Zealand) To defeat easily or convincingly.
  6. (transitive, agriculture) To exploit.
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flog (plural flogs)

  1. (Australia, informal, derogatory) A contemptible, often arrogant person.

flog (plural flogs)

  1. (internet slang) A weblog designed to look authentic, but actually developed as part of a commercial marketing strategy to promote some product or service.
    • 2008, Lucas Conley, OBD: Obsessive Branding Disorder
      Though a handful of viral videos and flogs have captured significant interest, the vast majority hardly register with consumers.
    • 2009, Nico Carpentier, ‎Benjamin De Cleen, Participation and Media Production: Critical Reflections on Content Creation (page 33)
      An element more problematic […] in the move of corporate communications and practices online is the sometimes masked nature of such initiatives, for example through blogola and flogs.
    • 2010, Beata Klimkiewicz, Media Freedom and Pluralism
      […] hidden advertising and flogs (the use of “personal blogs” for unfair commercial and political purposes), […]

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