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  • (British) enPR: flo͞ok IPA: /fluːk/
  • (America) enPR: flo͞ok IPA: /fluk/
  • (obsolete) enPR: flyo͞ok IPA: /fljuːk/

fluke (plural flukes)

  1. A lucky or improbable occurrence, with the implication that the occurrence could not be repeated.
    The first goal was just a fluke.
Translations Verb

fluke (flukes, present participle fluking; past and past participle fluked)

  1. To obtain a successful outcome by pure chance.
    I fluked a pass in the multiple-choice exam.
  2. (snooker) To fortuitously pot a ball in an unintended way.
    He fluked the other red into the middle pocket, despite the double kiss.
Related terms Noun

fluke (plural flukes)

  1. A flounder.
  2. A trematode; a parasitic flatworm of the Trematoda class, related to the tapeworm.
    The man had become infected with flukes after eating a meal of raw fish.
Related terms Noun

fluke (plural flukes)

  1. Either of the two lobes of a whale's or similar creature's tail.
    The dolphin had an open wound on the left fluke of its tail where the propeller had injured it.
  2. (nautical) Any of the triangular blades at the end of an anchor, designed to catch the ground.
    The fluke of the anchor was wedged between two outcroppings of rock and could not be dislodged.
  3. A metal hook on the head of certain staff weapons (such as a bill#Etymology 1|bill), made in various forms depending on function, whether used for grappling or to penetrate armour when swung at an opponent.
    The polearm had a wide, sharpened fluke attached to the central point.
  4. In general, a winglike formation on a central piece.
    After casting the bronze statue, we filed down the flukes and spurs from the molding process.
  5. Waste cotton.
  • German: Fluke
  • Portuguese: lobo da cauda de baleia
  • Russian: хвостово́й плавни́к
  • French: pelle
  • German: Flunke
  • Portuguese: pata de âncora
  • Russian: ла́па якорь
  • Spanish: uña, pico de loro
Translations Translations
  • Russian: зазу́брина
  • Spanish: muerte

Proper noun
  1. Surname

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