flying fox

flying fox (plural flying foxes)

  1. A large Australasian bat, of the genera Pteropus or Acerodon in the family Pteropodidae, having a fox-like face.
    Hypernyms: fruit bat, megabat
  2. Any bat of the family Pteropodidae (see Usage notes).
  3. The cyprinid fish Epalzeorhynchos kalopterus.
  4. A device consisting of a chair suspended on a pulley, and running along a length of cable, used for transporting across ravines etc.
    Synonyms: zipline
  • French: renard volant
  • German: Eigentlicher Flughund (term also covers genera Mirimiri, Neopteryx, Pteralopex and Styloctenium)
  • Portuguese: raposa voadora
  • Russian: лету́чая лиси́ца
  • Spanish: zorro volador
  • Russian: тарза́нка

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