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fond (comparative fonder, superlative fondest)

  1. (chiefly, with of) Having a liking or affection (for).
    • c. 1595–1596, William Shakespeare, “A Midsommer Nights Dreame”, in Mr. William Shakespeares Comedies, Histories, & Tragedies: Published According to the True Originall Copies (First Folio), London: Printed by Isaac Iaggard, and Ed[ward] Blount, published 1623, OCLC 606515358 ↗, [Act II, scene i]:
      more fond on her than she upon her love
    • a great traveller, and fond of telling his adventures
  2. affectionate#English|Affectionate.
    a fond farewell
    a fond mother or wife
  3. indulgent#English|Indulgent.
    I have fond grandparents who spoil me.
  4. outlandish#English|Outlandish; foolish; silly.
    Your fond dreams of flying to Jupiter have been quashed by the facts of reality.
  5. (obsolete) Foolish; simple; weak.
    • 1603, William Shakespeare, Othello, Act IV, sc. 1:
      If you are so fond over her iniquity, give her patent
      to offend, for if it touch not you, it comes near
    • 1605–06, William Shakespeare, Timon of Athens, sc. 2:
      Grant I may never prove so fond
      To trust man on his oath or bond.
    • 1839, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Midnight Mass For the Dying Year
      The foolish, fond Old Year,
  6. (obsolete) Doted on; regarded with affection.
    • Nor fix on fond abodes to circumscribe thy prayer.
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fond (fonds, present participle fonding; past and past participle fonded)

  1. (obsolete) To have a foolish affection for, to be fond of.
  2. (obsolete) To caress; to fondle.
    • The Tyrian hugs and fonds thee on her breast.
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fond (plural fonds)

  1. The background design in lace-making.
  2. (cooking) Brown residue in pans from cooking meats and vegetables.
    He used the fond to make a classic French pan sauce.
  3. (information science) A group of records having shared provenance.
  4. (obsolete) Foundation; bottom; groundwork.
  5. (obsolete) Fund, stock, or store.

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