1. To force a person or animal to ingest food, for example by stuffing food down the throat, or using a tube passed into the stomach.
    They were ordered to force-feed the prisoners on hunger strike.
  2. More broadly, also referring to forcing the drinking of a beverage or other liquid
    • May 2013 Zoya Pirzad, "Things We Left Unsaid" page 277 ↗
      I finally poured water in a glass and shouted at him, "Keep your cool, man! You're more scared than the rest of us." And I force-fed him the water.
    • August 2013 Vince Seim, "A Mortal Mistake" page 422 ↗
      Frederick collapsed upon the stone, coughing up all the water Aerox had force-fed him.
    • December 2014 Tim Winton, "Cloud Street" page 88 ↗
      He remembers the sound of Fish thrashing under the net, how he was forcefed river until he was still and dead and trampled on by his own frightened kin.
    • April 2015 Heather Burch, "Summer by Summer" page 116 ↗
      Over the next two days, Bray's fever returned, left, and returned again. I'd force-fed him enough water to keep him alive, but the supply was dwindling and he lost so much when he had the bouts of sweating, I knew we were hitting a danger zone.
  3. To force someone to take in information or accept an ideology.
    The teachers at this school tend to force-feed their students information, rather than encourage critical thinking and debate.

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