foredeal (plural foredeals)

  1. An advantage; benefit; profit.
    • 1527, Brewer, Brodie, Gairdner, Letters and papers, foreign and domestic, of the reign of Henry VIII:
      [...] and at a great foredeal already; [and as for] such foredeal that they despair not of the...a deal, but that through the help of God, [our Grace and] other good ministers, these personages which [shall be now] sent shall undoubtedly conclude [...]
    • 1889, Sir thomas Mallory, La morte d'Arthure: The history of King Arthur and of the Knights
      And thus the battaile was great, and oftentimes that one partie was at a foredele and anon at an afterdele, which endured long.
  2. (UK dialectal, Scotland) The first place; lead; precedence; preference.
  3. (UK dialectal, Scotland) Progress; advancement.

foredeal (foredeals, present participle foredealing; past and past participle foredealed)

  1. (UK dialectal, Scotland) To store; lay past; keep in reserve; hoard.

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