foredetermine (foredetermines, present participle foredetermining; past and past participle foredetermined)

  1. (transitive) To determine beforehand; predetermine.
    • 1847, The National preacher: Volumes 21-22:
      The relations of life act as bribes to bias his judgment and foredetermine his verdict.
    • 1864, Bibliotheca sacra and theological review: Volume 21:
      The answer made to this is, in effect, that although the will is in such a sense a power of contrary choice or self- determination that God cannot foredetermine its action without restraint upon this power and destruction of its freedom [...]
    • 2004, Paul Carus, Martin Verhoven, The gospel of Buddha according to old records:
      But more to the point was Peirce's observation that Carus's reconciliation of religion and science constituted "an endeavor to reach a foredetermined conclusion."
    • 2007, Jonathan Edwards, Charles Haddon Spurgeon, Horatius Bonar, God's Will, Man's Will and Free Will:
      If God plans, foredetermines and predestinates each and every deed of a man's life, powerfully controlling all circumstances, all persons, even all forces of whatever variety and magnitude that affects his life, can that man be truly free?

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