forget it
  1. It doesn't matter.
    "What were you saying?" "Oh, it was nothing important – forget it."
  2. Used a conventional reply to an expression of gratitude.
    "Thank you so much! How can I repay you for your kindness?" "Forget it; it was nothing."
  3. I don't want to continue with this conversation (usually used in frustration or anger).
    It's raining. I said, "It's raining." Do you hear me? It's raining! Oh, forget it!
  • French: laissez tomber
  • German: Schwamm drüber, schon gut, macht nichts
  • Italian: ci mancherebbe altro
  • Portuguese: deixar para lá
  • Russian: нева́жно
  • Spanish: olvídalo
Translations Translations
  • Portuguese: deixar quieto
  • Russian: (casual) да ну́ тебя́
  • Spanish: olvídalo

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