forgetness (uncountable)

  1. (rare, nonstandard) The act of forgetting, or any property associated with it; oblivion; forgetfulness; obliviousness.
    • 2008, Shahnaz Bahman, Helen Maffini, Developing Children's Emotional Intelligence:
      While working they manage to reach a level of what Goleman (1995) calls 'flow', which is a state of 'self-forgetness' as a result of being engrossed in the task at hand.
    • 2000, Gavin Frost, Yvonne Frost, The Witch's Magical Handbook:
      If you were to visit a Christian church, you would hear a lot about forgiveness: […] . Instead of forgiveness, it is useful to strive for forgetness, and simply leave behind the pain of the past.
    • 2012, Curtis L. Thompson, ‎Joyce M. Cuff, God and Nature:
      [...]: he comes to understand God's forgiveness in terms of forgetness, and that recognition brings with it a new understanding of the Christian life of faith as entailing not merely belief but praxis or the expressing of love in community.

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