• IPA: /ˈfɹɛkəl/

freckle (plural freckles)

  1. A small brownish or reddish pigmentation spot on the surface of the skin.
    Steve has brown hair, blue eyes, and freckles on his cheeks and nose.
    • , Runaway Jane:
      The rabbits came out from their burrows to peep,
      The wind whispered, "Hush! little Jane's gone to sleep!"
      And the spiders came spinning a curtain of lace,
      Lest the sun should make freckles on Jane's pretty face.
  2. Any small spot or discoloration.
  3. (Australia) A small sweet consisting of a flattish mound of chocolate covered in hundreds and thousands.
  4. (Australia, slang) The anus.
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  • German: Fleckchen

freckle (freckles, present participle freckling; past and past participle freckled)

  1. (transitive) To cover with freckles.
  2. (intransitive) To become covered with freckles.
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  • Portuguese: cobrir de sardas
  • Spanish: tener peca

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