• (America) IPA: /fɹɛn(d)z/
  1. plural form of friend
  2. Participants in a two-way friendship relationship.
    I tried to be a friend to Jane but we never really made friends. She was never a friend to me.
    Jane and I made friends right away.
    ''We became friends in the war and remain friends to this day.
    We were friends with some girls from the other school and stayed friends with them.
Translations Verb
  1. third-person singular form of friend

  • IPA: /fɹɛndz/
Proper noun
  1. The Quakers; the Society of Friends.
    • 2009, Paul D. Buchanan, American Women's Rights Movement: A Chronology of Events and of Opportunities from 1600 to 2008, Branden Books (ISBN 9780828321600), page 16:
      The Society of Friends – also known as the Quakers – […]
      Thus, the Friends believed that no outside clerics, denominations, or doctrines were needed to guide the individual ...
  1. plural form of Friend

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